Mario Goomba (Super Mario Odyssey)

First Game Super Mario Odyssey
Gender Male

Mario Goomba is one of the many things Mario can possess in Super Mario Odyssey.


Mario Goomba looks like a regular Goomba: a short, brown body in a mushroom-like shape, although Goomba means Chestnut in Japanese. As expected, however, it sports Mario's trademark Hat and Mustache.


It's easy to assume the Goomba, pre-capture, is grumpy and aggressive yet oddly cooperative with other fellow Goombas. We can also assume that it gains Mario's personality upon capture, who is a happy go lucky plumber who's brave enough to save the whole kingdom by himself.


The Normal Goomba, at least while possesed by Mario, cannot do much other then run around and do a really small jump. However, it doesn't slip while running on ice. Plus, it can also use other Goombas to stack on top of each other, gaining height. Plus, Mario can jump out of the Goomba to gain height, like Yoshi in Super Mario World, though if this really counts is debatable.

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