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Grand Goomba
First game Super Mario Bros. 3
Leader Bowser

Grand Goombas are a giant subspecies of Goombas, who debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3.  In Super Mario 64, they are found on Tiny-Huge Island, the thirteenth course in the game. Defeating them by ground pound will give the player a blue coin instead of a normal coin. Grand Goombas are also found in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. In the first game of the series, they are found on the first level of the game. Defeating it gives Mario or Luigi a key that allows him to progress further into the level. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, they are found in the Supermassive Galaxy. They behave the same way as normal Goombas. Grand Goombas also appear periodically throughout Super Mario 3D Land.




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