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First game Super Mario Land
Homeland Sarasaland
Leader Tatanga
Attacks Walking
Defeated Jumping
Fire balls

Goombos (also known by their original and Japanese name of Chibibo) is a "dangerous walking mushroom" and are not considered a subspecies, but rather a relative of the Goombas according to a magazine in Nintendo Power that reside in Sarasaland. They have only appeared in Super Mario Land. Goombos were only referred to as such in the American digital manual for the 2011 port of Super Mario Land  to the Virtual Console, 22 years after the original game's release.

Like Goombas, Goombos slowly meander to the side aiming to hit Mario. They will not turn around unless they hit an obstacle, and will wander off the edge of platforms. Once stomped or shot with a superball, Mario will be rewarded with one hundred points. After Bombshell Koopas, Goombos are the most common enemy in the game, appearing in all kingdoms in Sarasaland except for the Easton Kingdom. They also appear as finger puppets.



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