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First Game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Gender Female

Goombella is a female character and a partner in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.  She is a smart and sassy girl and is the first partner to join your team in The Thousand-Year Door.  She can headbonk, tattle, multi-bonk (3 FP), and use Rally Wink (4 FP), which gives Mario a second turn in battle.

Goombella wears a khaki pith helmet with a headlamp, and her blonde hair is tied up behind her. She has brown shoes and wears a red scarf.

She is a student of Professor Frankly and she studies in U Goom. Her English name is a mix of Goomba and the name Isabella or the Italian word for beautiful, bella, suggesting that she is attractive. Her attractiveness is shown when other Goomba characters attempt to woo her, but Goombella often reacts in disgust (or at least ignorance). She seems to like Mario; for example, she immediately asks what is Mario's relationship with Lady Bow in her tattle. 



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